AirBnB apartment management

Entrust us with the management of your apartments and get a successful and stable business!

Super host

Our team successfully manages 22 properties on AirBnB.

Apartments of our clients are presented in our account.

We provide an impeccable service for our guests on AirBnB and monitor the rating of each apartment very closely.

The apartments under our management are loaded during the year by at least 80%.

How does it work



We provide monthly a detailed report on income and expenses for the object, uploading from AirBnB with full information about the cost of renting apartments and their occupancy by date.
Efficient business

We have optimized maintenance and fees. The cost of management services is 45%:
  • 15% taxes,
  • 30% - cleaning fee, meagering fee, consumables items

The apartments are always work

We constantly monitor the prices of competitors and determine the optimal cost of apartments from demand. Even in the low season, the apartments are monthly filled by at least 80% due to the analysis of supply and demand, due to work with the market.